Adrian Turpin

Hi, I'm Adrian. I own The Light Direction Ltd. based in Kendal.

My passion for producing creative, high quality images stems from my interest in lighting and photography which intruiged me from a very young age. I started out lighting in the theatre in my late teens and I spent many happy hours developing and printing my own photographs, both of which led me into my full time career at the BBC. I was lucky enough to join the BBC at a time when the training and the standards were of the highest calibre. I have extensive experience of lighting for multi and single camera shows and of the technical aspects of cameras and picture production as a vision engineer and vision supervisor.

Since leaving the BBC and forming The Light Direction Ltd, I have worked in film & video production alongside my broadcast work as a Director of Photography, Colourist, LD, Commercial Stills Photographer and as a Vision Supervisor for Live Broadcast.

We have a fully equipped Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Colour Grading and Editing Suite in the lovely town of Kendal on the southern most edge of the beautiful Lake District. It is an ideal base from which to tweak the many hues, shades, highlights, shadows and colours that make up the great variety of pictures that your audience gets to watch and enjoy.

As well as using my many years of experience in the colour grading process, I have been very fortunate to have undergone advanced training in this specialist field under the watchful eye of some of the very best Los Angeles based Colourists who work on some of Hollywoods biggest productions. I am an active member of the International Colourists Community which is a constant source of inspiration and of learning new techniques in this ever evolving world.

Company Name: The Light Direction Ltd.

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