Av Bains

My name is Av and I am a freelance VFX Supervisor and Flame Artist.

I was trained by The BBC before spending 20 years working at Framestore, London. I started off in their machine room before being promoted to become their first Flame operator.

I've worked on many groundbreaking visual effects projects such as "Walking With Dinosaurs" and the modern day James Bond Title sequences, and I've won two Emmys for my work on "Merlin" and "Alice In Wonderland".

As well as working on long form projects and commercials, I have worked on feature films such as Harry Brown, Four Lions, and The Golden Compass.

Nowadays I predominately work in Soho, where I often freelance as a VFX Supervisor and Flame artist at many of London's top post houses.

I use Autodesk Flame, a 3D, VFX, finishing, and colour grading software that I've specialising in since 1994. I can work remotely from my office, or on site.

Whether it's a simple pack replacement, or adding a dinosaur or two, I would like to make your production experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Currently I live in Bath with my family and two cats, one of whom thinks it's a dog. In my spare time I bore people about football, over think films and listen to some really strange music to relax.

Company Name: Mea Fabula Ltd

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