Information about Hound Dog Post



Our mission at Hound Dog Post is to make it easy to find the people with the skills needed to help post produce outstanding content and provide the support and security you’d expect from a world class Post Production Facility.

Until recently, the prospect of working remotely in post production was daunting. Our parent company, Phantom Sun, spent 5 years challenging the traditional model of the post production facility, with a growing degree of success. But not everyone was convinced… 2020 changed all that.

We launched Hound Dog Post as a place for productions to find post production specialists, who work remotely, anywhere in the world. A growing number of people in the craft community have invested in their own facilities and ‘working from home’ has become the only way to post produce films and programmes. The ‘remote’ model came to the rescue during the pandemic but it’s benefits go way beyond that. Productions now have easy access to the best talent, working on their own terms, with increased convenience, considerable environmental benefits and enormous cost savings.

Through this marketplace you can search for the skills you require: (editors, dubbing mixers, VFX artists etc.) that have experience in the type of work that needs to be done: (drama, entertainment, sport etc.) and book them directly. You can also search by location if you’re looking for them work in a specific place. You can even search for facilities for those times when working face to face would be really useful.