Information about Hound Dog Post

How it works

How it works

Sniffing out what you’re looking for.

Use the search bar to find keywords that might appear in people’s listings. You can search for the skills you’re interested in like Dubbin Mixer, places they may work like Manchester, projects similar to the one you’re crewing up, like ‘Love Island’ or even people they might have worked with like Bear Grylls.

You can also list categories or filter according to particular services.

Sign Up.

Hound Dog Post is free to join. You can browse all suppliers without logging in but to add a listing or book a service you must create an account by supplying an email address and generating a password. Alternatively you can log in with Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.


When you post a listing, it will be verified by the Hound Dog Post team prior to posting. For Talent roles, we require at least three credits listed in the 'Recent Credits' section. If you haven't provided recent credits, your listing can be made under the Subcategory 'Uncredited Role' heading.

If you'd like to add a full list of credits, please include them under the 'Detailed Description' heading as this will allow them to be formatted in a more searchable way



Members will only be asked pay a fee when they post a listing. There is a £10 fee per month reduces to £100 paid annually for up to 5 listings and £20 per month for 5+ listings.

Listings that come under the ‘Published Rate’ model will pay a further 10% handling fee on each transaction. 


Adding Services.

To add a listing, click the ‘+ Add a new listing’ Button.

Choose the Category you like your listing to appear under: Services or Facilities. If you work from home or your own studio, choose Services. If you have facilities like kit or rooms, select Facilities.

 Next, select how you’d like to sell your services. ‘Rate on Request’ allows the client to get in touch with you and contract you directly. You manage your own schedule, rates and payment outside of the Hound Dog Post site. 

‘Published Rate’ allows the client to book you through the Hound Dog Post site. Your rate will be displayed on listing and you may manage your availability through a calendar. Payments will be taken from the client, ‘up-front’ but only passed through when the booking has been marked as completed by the client. The process is managed by Hound Dog Post and a 10% fee will be taken from your rate so be sure to include it in your rate.

You’re now ready to build your listing.

The listing title should be the service you’re providing. (Editor, Post Producer, Colourist etc.)

Give a detailed description of the service. Here is a great place to cut and paste the content of your CV. Keep it relevant… all this information is available to the search engine, so useful detail is the key. What have you worked on, who have you worked with, what experience do you have.

You can also paste the URL of a youtube video here (eg. a showreel) and it will play in your listing (vimeo links will be an option in future releases.)

You can then add links to your website and showreel links.

There are then a number of tick boxes for the services you provide, genres you’ve worked in, equipment you own and software you use.

If relevant, select your location.

Don’t forget to upload any images you’d like to appear on your listing. Remember, Hound Dog post is about people who work from home. Get you mugshot on there, or your home set-up or better still, a pic of your hound dog (cats also welcome!)


Multiple Listings.

If you have multiple skills or facilities, why not post multiple listings showcasing separate skills. The standard subscription includes 5 listings or you can upgrade for unlimited listings.


Giving feedback.

There is a comment section on each listing. Please keep them supportive. In the event of an issue with a listing, please contact the Hound Dog Post team as your first point of contact.


Posting Jobs.

To crew up a post production project, click the ‘+Add a new listing’ button and select the 'Jobs Page' category, then name your project and fill out the appropriate details. Save it and your listing will appear in the Projects tab on the main page.

Using this marketplace.

Hound Dog Post is the perfect place to find individual services that you need or people to collaborate with but it’s also easy to put together a full post production package.

Start with a Post Producer and book them as your main point of contact. You can then book an assistant or someone to manage your media, this could also be a facility. You can then book Editors, Online Editors, Dubbing Mixers, Voice Over Facilities, Colourists, VFX and finish it all off with someone to QC and deliver your project.