Philip Moroz

Philip Moroz is a Sound Editor based in London, UK.

He has a holistic approach to quality audio, developed from his experience spanning the audio post-production process, alongside a background in music performance and music recording. Dialogue, SFX, Foley, ADR, Voiceover, Production Audio, Premixing, Final Mixing and Audio Deliverables.

Philip primarily pursues his specialities in Dialogue Editing and Sound Effects Editing, working on popular multi-award winning television series and feature films such as Killing Eve, Downton Abbey, Mum and Cold Feet.

He is a dedicated individual who consistently searches to gain more knowledge, abilities and experience in all forms of sound.

All of Philip's hardware runs on electricity produced from 100% renewable sources.

Philip often works remotely from home, but is also able to attend sessions in other studios when required. Please visit Philip's website to learn more.

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